Montreal Grand Prix was a “plus bon journey!”

I had the good fortune of going to the Montreal Grand Prix this weekend! It wasn’t the greatest weather Friday and Saturday but on Sunday the sun came out and it was 24 degrees C, It was awesome on race day!

There were 5 different race series at the venue; Porche GT Cup, Canadian Touring Car Championship, Ford 1600 Series (open wheel mayhem), The Ferrari Challenge series and of course the Formula One Series!

I went for all three days with a good friend of mine and we sat at the hairpin, corner 10 on Le Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where we could see them come rippin’ into the corner, hard on the brakes and then stomp on the gas and fishtail out of the corner! Great location for passing opportunities and we saw our share of moments. A couple of spins and some contact in the F1 race made for some exciting times no doubt but the peoples favourite has to go to the driver in the Canadian Touring Car Championship that drove a Honda Fit. Black base with red and white highlights. Every time he came around he would get closer and closer to the wall on the exit of the corner until he just touched the mirror and folded it in. It didn’t break, just pivoted in. The crowd would see him coming and cheered him on! I am sure he could hear the crowd over the motor!

Here are some photo highlights of the weekend including the Honda Fit mentioned above!

Me with my souvenir.

greg f1 montreal


Fernando Alonso comes into the corner a little too hot and locks up the tires during qualifying on saturday.DSC_0140 These are the Ferrari 458s that race in the Ferrari Challenge. They are really awesome and usually come to Toronto for the Indy.DSC_0207 Pictured is the entire 20 car F1 field in one shot. Ferraris, Mercedes and Lotus to name a few. DSC_0787 Here is the winner Sebastian Vettel waving to the crowd on his victory lap.


This is the Honda Fit, if you zoom in you can see there is less than an inch between the mirror and the wall.DSC_0572

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