Made the popular page on Thingiverse!

Sooooooo. Recently I posted a design to Thingiverse for a modular hollow universal joint that is for cable management. Industrial machines, like a plasma table the size of a small warehouse, often have gantries with a cable chain to support the operational cables. There are several designs on Thingiverse but they all do pretty much the same thing. One axis pivot that generally bend up over itself. My design offers the ability to make the cable chain move in one or two axis.

Building on the modularity of the components, I added an accessories kit to add to the adaptability of the system and to top it off they all print without support just fine. It takes some time to get a useable amount but one could always scale the system to fit a given application. I tried to think of what would be fairly universal so I thought of plumbing and the connectors used in that industry.

It seems that my design caught the eye of a Thingiverse admin and has been featured! What’s even crazier is that as I write this it sits at the #5…oh wait looks like #4 position on the Thingiverse popular list! I watched it rise up over the weekend. I would never had guessed it would have been received with such fan fair! I want to see this on someones machine soon!

Here are some pictures of what I have so far. The first few pictures show some of the basic components and some of them together. The other picture is a screen shot of the popular page on Thingiverse. Check out my designs via these links and a big thanks to all who support me and my designs!






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