Radial motor 3D print update

Soooo… I have been very busy making some fun stuff to upload to Thingiverse,com and this radial motor model has been one project that has been so satisfying to make both digitally and  physically. I love making models and this demonstrates my ability to take an idea through several phases; concept to idea to digital to print then through final assembly.

I could not have done all this one year ago. I credit my school (obviously) but also the people at Makerbot. One day they said “me too” to 3D printing but wanted an affordable machine when compared to the $30,000+ price tag of the current state of art. Now they are leading the way in the table top manufacturing revolution!

I also said “me too!” Now with their support I am doing things I could never had guessed. My bot and I make regular appearances at my school for in class demos of what anybody can now do at home. I have also learned so much about 3D printing, not just file setup and modelling but the settings of the machine as it prints or generates a tool path. I can adjust them for each print allowing me an incredible level of control over my prints. this can not be said for many of the industry machines out there.

Anyhow…Bellow are a couple of images from my radial motor. There is one showing the body components being printed, The delicate looking but robust parts (thanks to my settings) being assembled and the completed motors. The Brown one was a second run and printed off so much better. The size difference pushed the limits of my TOM (Thing-O-Matic) and it took much longer to print all components but the results are so much nicer than the black version. It handled the overhangs better and the parts are rock solid. It is huge, the biggest thing I have printed off …yet!

This link is to Thingiverse, if you would like to see more pictures:


Here is a link to a video of it in action on the Youtubes!


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