Now were making stuff!

So the adventures of my Makerbot Thing O Matic continue. In this edition I show off my motor series I have designed. They are demonstration tools and primarily a learning vehicle, no pun intended, for me to translate my 3d designs into physical objects.

I have been in on the Makerbot and Thingiverse blogs, the featured section and am currently amongst the top popular things on Thingiverse with my four and eight cylinder designs.

It has been a real pleasure uploading and sharing my designs in this way. I get feedback and give feedback about my designs and others. Every once in a while someone comes out with a tip that makes your print quality shoot through the roof! It makes such a rich environment and a pleasure to contribute to when people are so forth coming with information.

Below are my motors so far.I have my 4 cylinder, V-8 and V-12. I am working on a rotory engine next, also known as a hula motor.

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