IKEA Design from Toronto

This was a project I did for school where the idea of IKEA design came from Canada or Toronto; local culture.

I looked at several icons of Toronto in terms of architecture, night life, arts and everyday life. I settled on the TTC as NY City did with the Metro, and market their design.

I looked at the tile patterns of stations, use of colours all over the system and the subway system map. I was inspired particularly by a streetcar out of the corner of my eye and the streaks of colour as it went by.

I went through several ideations and settled on this as after I was critiqued on several occasions, we always came back to this one. It seems that people from Toronto would recognize the colour scheme and other users would find the colours appealing.

I think this is a great start and I am leaving out a ton of my process but from here I would tweak the colour, size of the colour bands and experiment with textures.

My model pictured here is a painting done with spray paint on canvas. Its in my living room for a photo I used in my presentation to show how it could look in a real setting.

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