Just what are you up to…?

Welcome to my online window into my life and happenings along with the occasional rant.

I have many skills and talents that I use in very creative ways and I’m starting this blog to gain exposure and stay in touch with those that mater and who are interested in my experiences. It is my intention to post here at least weekly and with photos. Hope you enjoy the experiment!

I have recently embarked on a couple of new hobbies. One is boomerangs and it is such a satisfying feeling when they come back. I recently purchased some from Bill Glover and have had great success with them. He is a craftsman and uses excellent materials with years of experience to make flying objects of art. I have had some success with my own designs and will in time be discussing them at great length.

On a nice sunny morning in the park before the droves of people arrive you can find me throwing some of my ‘rangs for a good time. So much fun but be careful on windy days; I hit someones house today, oops. ;p

The second acquisition is a Makerbot Thing-o-matic 3d printer. It uses a spool of ABS plastic and extrudes it in layers to build an item from 3d computer software. It comes as a kit that requires some intensive assembly but the instructions are very easy to follow and there is a ton of online help if required. I haven’t received it yet but when I do be sure to watch for some amazing things.

I’ve just finished my second year at OCADU and am half way to my degree in Industrial design. i find myself in a world that is solidifying my existing craft skills with conceptual thinking and showing me that the sky is the limit as to design opportunity. It is proving to be a mind expanding experience.

I have a painting that will be published this month in the McMaster University Medical Journal. when the link is up I will post it. Here is a jpeg of the completed painting. It is 5 feet x 3 feet and is oil on canvas. I painted it in 2010. I was inspired by the internal structure of bone and the way that it supports itself and the seemingly random way it comes together; rather poetic.

I also have a piece that is on display at the Ontario Science Centre’s new new gallery called The Idea Gallery and they are hosting a show of OCAD student works that relate to stem cell research.

bellow is an image of my piece entitled Touched by the Hand of God. Demonstrated is the life giving gesture that stem cells represent and I juxtapose it against the Genesis Moment from the Sistine Chapel. The neuron is dying and a stem cell is moving in to reconnect the damaged neural connection. The finished piece is displayed with a laser cut descriptive plaque [not pictured] that states, “In a life giving gesture a stem cell moves in to repair a dying neuron demonstrating the idea of cellular immortality.” The piece is 2 feet x 1 foot and approximately 1 foot tall. It is on display until September.


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